Shoulder pain Shoulder reconstruction Sports Remedial Massage can help

First Ironman/woman

In May this year I undertook training to compete in my first Ironman event at Port Macquarie . 

My 20 week training program started in the December and it grew in intensity & volume leading up to the event.  With the increase in swim bike & running training it was really important for me to have regular massage to stay injury free. 

Fabian was brilliant when I came in each massage session & targeted the muscles that were tight & sore. Post massage I felt amazing and I never missed a training session by getting regular massage treatments by Fabian.  

Fabian also gave me some great warm up tips for race day prior to my 3.8k swim.  Race day came & I had an amazing day. No issues with cramps , muscle fatigue . So with great training, great nutrition & feeling awesome on race day attributed to my 11:50hrs time in really tough conditions. I ran a 4:00:00 marathon and pulled up without a problem the next day!  

I can thoroughly recommend Fabian for your massage. Fabian listens to your needs & provides a professional service.  

Thanks Fabian for helping me achieve my dream of completing my first Ironman!!    

Regular exercise client

100% recommend !!

It's hard to find a good sports masseuse that can relieve muscle tension and pain an educated you on recovery ! Since seeing Fabian, I have become more educated on sports recovery and listening to my body's limits. Now I can't go a week without a great massage to help my body recover from training. 

Sports Remedial sports massage massage therapist

 I first came to Fabian a couple of years ago as he was recommended to me. By far the best Remedial massage I have ever come across on the northside. Knows exactly what points to work on, where it hurts and gives truly amazing results for the body. Very knowledgeable of the body. I am a beauty therapist who massages. And it was so great to finally find someone who could do what I knew my body needed. I have tried many other places and always come out disappointed. But with Fabians knowledge and skills I always walk out feeling a million bucks.  


Came to Fabian after being recommended by the Mrs. Very effective sports massage where Fabian targets the areas which effect my training and performance the most. As a competitive Powerlifter in just over a month after my first visit too Fabian I am moving heavier weight with much better form, the understanding Fabian has for athletes and the everyday persons life is what sets him apart from other massage therapists I've seen in the past. I won't be going anywhere else. 

NRL contracted player

    100 percent recommend! As a sportsperson recovery is very important and I regularly get sport massage to help my muscles recover and feel great. I got my first massage from Fabian over 5 years ago whilst playing for Redcliffe and would regularly visit him to ensure my body was properly recovered for optimal performance. I still get 2 massages per week and have had massages from many different professionals and can assure that Fabians at Northside Sports Remedial Massage are of the Highest Quality ! To top it off he's a great bloke  

Brand new client (Weekly massage receiver)

Thank you Fabian! Best Sports massage I have ever had .. Jenny C


Shoulder pain Shoulder reconstruction Sports Remedial Massage can help

Long time regular clients

Cheers for the massage today man! Headache gone !  Daniel M.

Highly recommend Fabian! 

My family have been regular clients for the past 4 years. Brilliant massage therapist and an all round good guy!!   Cynthia P.